August 10, 2009

Either/Or Moral Dilemmas

Here’s a little test for the Ambush. What follows is a list of lose/lose scenarios and you need to choose the lesser of two evils. Each question is an "Either/Or" conundrum. There is no third option or loophole…including suicide. The BT do not condone suicide…well unless you’re REALLY annoying, or if you run a really lame blog. Anyway, on to the situations. Take your time, think about it, feel free to ask your friends. We will post the correct answers next week.

Situation #1: (We’ll start you out with an easy one!) Who would you rather get hit on by at a bar? EITHER a gay man, OR a drunk, fat chick?

Situation #2: If both had a heart attack right in front of you at the same time, who would you give Mouth to Mouth to? EITHER Charlie Weis, OR Larry Flynt?

Situation #3: Which beer would you rather drink? EITHER Coors Light with the blue mountain cold indicator, OR some kind of fruit (like Raspberry) flavored beer?

Situation #4: Which would you rather do? EITHER spend 24 hours in a federal "pound me in the ass prison" (where the rumor is you’re a child molester), OR blow your best friend?

Situation #5: Which would you rather watch? EITHER "Roadhouse" on basic cable (without the nudity), OR a two-hour video of morbidly obese people getting sponge baths?

Situation #6: Which product would you rather use in public? EITHER a Blue-tooth Hands free headset, OR an incredibly phallic "neck" massager?

Situation #7: Which would you rather do? EITHER sing the national anthem at Fenway Park naked, OR lick your dog’s genitals?

Situation #8: Which would you rather drink? EITHER your own urine, OR an entire bottle of turbo-lax?

Situation #9:Who would you rather spend 24 hours with? EITHER Terrell Owens, OR Courtney Love?

Situation #10: Which would you rather do? EITHER be the best man at Lindsey Lohan’s wedding, OR take second place in the Iowa City "C" league softball tournament?
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